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How to Register on Moodle

Read this carefully before accessing moodle.

Step. 1. Why we use moodle in this course?

In this course, moodle is used for making easier the interaction with students in terms of projects and assigment submission, quiz evaluation, grading, etc. However, we will not use moodle for course schedule and syllabus. The current website is responsible for this task.
Moodle will be only used in this course for student evaluation.
It is MANDATORY to register to the course because all quizzes, lab and project submissions will be via the moodle website.

Step. 2. What to do if you DO NOT HAVE a moodle account? How to create an account?

  • First, you must register to the system. To do so, click on this link to enter registration page.
  • Click on "Create a New Account"
  • Create an account as follows:
  • Choose carefully your username and password.
  • Put all other information correctly. Your First and Last Names must be in ARABIC. This is mandatory, very mandatory.
  • You will receive a notification email confirming the registration. Follow the instructions in the notification email to validate your registration.

Here is an example of registration:

Step. 3. What to do if you HAVE a moodle account?

  • Login to the system with your account
  • Enroll yourself in the course "Programming II" with the enrollement key given to you (you must ask the professor).
  • You are now registred correctly to the course, you can access the content.

Important note: do not make too many registrations. Make only one and save your login and password in a safe place.

Step. 4. In the OPTIONAL tab of your PROFILE, Enter your University ID and Section Number

  • Login to your account, then choose Profile to update your profile.
  • Then, go to OPTIONAL tab and enter your information as shown in the following two figures:

First, show advanced optional attributes, by clicking on "Show Advanced".
Then, enter your information as shown below.
Do not forget to save your profile.
Goto Moodle website: